03 February 2014

Landon's Kitchen

Landon Conrad is now 35, and I think he keeps getting hotter and hotter with age. I hope he stays in porn because I'd love to see him at 40 and 45, provided he keeps in shape, of course.

I also like it when porn websites don't deface their own photos with their promotional watermarks. This one does a good job. It's obvious where they're from, but they don't overwhelm the image.

The shots below are larger and less than half of the full set of seventeen, which you'll find full size in a free folder here.


  1. Anonymous12:09

    I'd be more than happy to leave my kitchen door--my back door--open for Landon--if I knew he'd come--How's that song go--?--"...need a little sugar in my bowl...

  2. Anonymous15:23

    Nice looking dude, and really nice body..love those fat balls of his.


  3. Anonymous13:46

    A hot face--sexy body--nice bits and pieces--and he looks quite stoned, or perhaps, very unhappy--or both.

  4. So happy to find this set of Landon. You just want to kiss and lick his body from head to toe. What a total package he is. Love his headlight nips and it would be heaven to look into those eyes of his.

  5. Anonymous04:21

    Looks like lunch is being served on the counter, low calorie, and a lot of meat.


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