07 February 2014


This photo of Oscar Pistorius ran recently in magazines and newspapers. I think it's such a stunningly beautiful image conveying his many strengths.

Sadly, he also has some very scary demons, as we've learned from recent press reports. I have a gut sense his legal predicament will not end well. His story is like a Greek tragedy made for the tabloids.

He soared high and then had a mighty fall. It only goes to show you that a man may be beautiful on the outside and have wonderful things happen for a while but what's inside is where it all really counts in the end.


  1. Anonymous06:43

    The jury will decide if his explanation is credible. Regardless of the outcome, it's clear the man is stupid and irresponsible.

  2. Anonymous08:04

    I bet he was a demon in the bedroom! Grrrrr. . Those tight leather looking pants really scream out to you don't they? hehehe. WOOF. But yes, his situation is a very sad one, but, as they say, what you put on there, in the end, will eventually come back to bite you! Kharma! Such a heroic lifestory to end with such tragedy! My feelings go out to all involved.,

  3. Anonymous10:21

    Was my opinion that Oscar is irresponsible and stupid really that offensive?


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