24 February 2014

Mecum Precum

Not to go overboard for posts with Alex Mecum, but I wanted to feature these stills of Alex Mecum because they were brought to my attention in the comments for another post. These show him hard and, most notable, dripping precum. As you regular readers know, I have a thing for precum.

And that's a good segue to let you know that I'll be catching up on the comments in the next few days. I've been out of the country for the last few weeks in a country with some internet censorship, which for some reason rendered the comment approval screen unworkable. I could read them but not do anything more.

I have one more Mecum post that will come later this week, another video brought to my attention by a reader. If you want to see more from this still set, please click here for the source, where they're larger and more numerous.

1 comment:

  1. Your taste in men and your comments drives me crazy! Please go overboard with Alex. He can drip his precum on my dick head any day! Thank you so much for discovering him and your reader for find this hot man! Let's have a threesome with him. Then later, an orgy!


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