20 February 2014

Selections From the Man Catalog

If I was ordering a man out of the man catalog, he would be tall, broad-shouldered, muscular, and with a thick, uncut cock. We shouldn't judge by looks alone, but there's nothing wrong with having preferences, either.

Here are some blokes I dog-eared in the man catalog who passed my muster. I think I'll order each one on a trial basis and my boyfriend and I will give him a whirl. Better yet, I'll order two at once to save on shipping.

As is almost always the case here at this blog, the images are larger than they appear below. Click here for a free folder with all eight photos in their original larger size plus four I did not have room to include.


  1. I would have picked ALL the same ones. Our tastes in men are the same!

    Now if only that catalog was real, perhaps Amazon Prime would ship them for free. They have to be purchases, not rentals, because I would not be able to return them!

  2. The second guy checks all my boxes!

  3. Anonymous13:11

    I like my men cut.


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