25 February 2014

Bob the Exhibitionist

This lad, purportedly named Bob and bisexual, has posted a great number of his nude shots online in the last several years. His hairstyle, facial hair, muscle tone, and weight regularly change, but he has a "real bloke" hotness that never fades.

I wonder if he prefers to bottom or top? Or is he more into male-male-female scenes? I could definitely get into having him suck my cock while he was getting a blowjob himself. Or I'd fuck him in the ass while his girlfriend goes down on him. Or my boyfriend and I could spitroast him while his girlfriend takes pictures.

The first one is my favorite and proves my theorem that some lads look hottest when they're fully clothed. If this lad ever got super serious about hitting the gym, he could be scorching hot. These pictures vary in size and quality and have been archived here in a free folder if you'd like to save to your own hard drive.


  1. Anonymous18:50

    Fuck ya, I have seen this bloke before, and always have found him hot. Big and beefy (and don't hate me for this dudes) but so "straight" looking. I do like me a "straightie"..

    Man if he like to have his ass eaten, I would like to be the man for that job.


  2. Anonymous10:21

    Thanks for this. Now I have to go replace my laptop. Do you think the dudes at the Genius Bar can get the spooge out of my keyboard?


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