08 February 2014

Dance Machine

This lad does a lot of straight porn. This is a rather silly clip and he never shows his cock, but I like his moves and he has a nice body.

He's done some double-anal shoots, which means two men buttfuck a woman at the same time, probably about the closest a straight man can get to gay porn without actually crossing the line. After all, your dick is hard, rubbing up and down against another bloke's hard cock, whilst penetrating a woman in the way you would fuck a man. Can't say that's entirely 100 percent straight.


  1. Anonymous06:56

    His lower body appears to be aging faster than the upper. His ass shows signs of cellulite dimpling. Since his cock is easily hidden, it can't be that magnificent.

  2. Anonymous07:18

    Sorry, 20 seconds into the dance, and I know he's a friend of Dorothy's!!! Dude wake up and smell the coffee:):)

  3. Anonymous09:54

    A) Dancing gay
    B) Dancing like a white dude with no rhythm
    C) Dancing like a white gay dude with no rhythm
    D A,B, and C

    Nice bod though, I like the legs!!

  4. Anonymous11:59

    fleshy and creepy.


  5. Anonymous12:25

    He's a cow! Little cock Im sure. Better off he didn't show it Im thinking. hehehe

  6. Anonymous21:52

    just wrong!


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