11 February 2014

The Brazilians

I happened on both of these videos whilst looking for something else. The first features a lot of pointless dialog, but since it's in Portuguese, which I do not speak, I didn't find it distracting. The two performers are enthusiastic and the bigger one is pretty hot.

The second one features a hot lifeguard banging a little twink he picks up on the beach. The lifeguard has a great screen charisma and is an insatiable horndog. I always like to see a big older bloke pounding a little pup. Hopefully you'll enjoy it, too.

If you want to watch instead on the Xvideos site, click here and here.


  1. Good videos! Nice to see Latino men mess around. The older fucking younger is hot too!

  2. Anonymous07:16

    Thanks for finding the one with the pup and the lifeguard - I found this myself a while ago but lost track of it. I'd almost feel sorry for the young guy on the receiving end of such pityless fucking if I wasn't so jealous.

    As for the other vid - doesn't do it for me I'm afraid.


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