30 September 2017

In the Hospital

The Los Angeles Times published a short article on Thursday (link here) about how Donald Trump has repeatedly told the same lie various ways in the past week, all with the claim that his health care bill would have passed had a senator not been hospitalized.

Except no senator was in the hospital.

Additionally, had every absent senator been present, the measure still would have failed because at least three Republicans were voting "no." There were no more than 49 "yes" votes and no less than 51 "no" votes.

Compounding the lie, the White House spokesperson tried to embellish it by claiming "we have the votes on the substance, but not on the process."

That is utter gibberish. Either you have the votes or you don't. They didn't have the votes. That's why the bill never was brought to the floor. End of story.

It's no wonder a majority of Americans are convinced Trump is dishonest and can't be trusted. Yet when lie after lie after lie is debunked and a majority of Americans don't believe him, Trump nonetheless continues to lie as if nobody is wise to his ways.


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