06 November 2014

Banging Ginger

I receive a wide variety of requests from you lads (and a few ladies). If I filled them all, I wouldn't have time for anything other than this blog.

So I try to provide some of what you request to ensure all tastes are whetted to a certain degree. One of the requests I regularly receive is for more hairy blokes and another for more ginger lads.

Today both birds are smote. We have a hairy top banging a hairy ginger bottom. And you can't get much more ginger than this lad.

There are eighty extremely large format photos in the original series. If you'd like to download the entire set for free, please click here.

1 comment:

  1. You and the men have great taste! I love it. Glad you all are into real hairy men, not twinks. This set is hot and I want to see the video! The top is of mixed background fucking a ginger, does not get any hotter than that.


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