09 November 2014

Scott Triple Header

Scott Randsome was a huge name in 1990s porn. He started in 1990 when he was 18, and he retired when he was 28. He was a cocky and sometimes aggressive top. I don't believe he ever bottomed. I have no idea why he left porn as he kept getting more chiseled as time went by, so it's not like he lost his looks.

Scott is the only one seen in all three films appearing below, the one always topping. If you'd like to watch on the source site and/or to download your own free copies, please click here, here, and here.


  1. Anonymous07:17

    Does anyone have any idea of where 'Scott' is now or any contact info ? His real name is Kurt I believe. I met him at a local club in the 90s that had porn strippers come in and he was very nice. We talked for a while and I always wanted to get back in touch with him.. so just wondering where he may be. . Thx.

  2. I doubt Scott Randsome started doing porn at 18 because he was in the service and he probably got into porn after that which would have probably put him in his 20s at best.

  3. Anonymous11:48

    Who is that sexy hairy cop in the last vid.. He is Hot!

  4. Anonymous07:00

    Agradezco que me hayas hecho conocer a esta leyenda del porno.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  5. Scott Randsome is one of the hottest men in porn history. He embodies the porn trifecta: he's gorgeous, he's built like a tank and he's hung like a horse. I have virtually every video he ever did for BG Enterprises. His Body Worship and Fantasy Fight videos include some of the most erotic encounters ever produced. They don't make pornstars like him anymore.

  6. Anonymous08:04

    That second video of Scott with Tom Katt is PERFECT! Two amazingly buff men who are perfectly matched - what could possibly be better?


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