07 November 2014

Mister Mystery

Does anyone know who he is? A reader sent an email asking for an identification, but I don't know.

If you know, please reply in the comments section. It would be great to find if more naked pictures of him are out there.

With that, and not to sound cynical, but I'm wondering if perhaps this might be Photoshopped. The crotch area looks a bit off in terms of colors and shadows. Perhaps in the original picture he's shirtless but with pants, and a Photoshop-savvy lad decided he should do the fully monty.

I ran the picture through Google's image search to see what turned up but only found a few blogs with the image but no identification. If you'd like to see in the original larger size, click here.


  1. nicholas thelisson06:26

    the head is that of Mr Justice Joslin. The rest of the body seems to be attached via photoshop.

  2. Anonymous06:45

    Justice Joslin, but this is photoshopped.
    He is current face of Autumn Brooks Brothers campaign, and Nautica.

  3. Anonymous07:02

    Yo también quiero saber quien es el'.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  4. Anonymous08:58

    HIs name is Justice Joslin, male topmodel.

  5. Anonymous08:59

    That's Justice Joslin, but it's a fake!

  6. Anonymous09:06

    His face looks familiar .... doesn't look photoshopped to me .. and I have a good eye for stuff like that. . I think hes really naked . .

  7. Anonymous21:22

    Well even if his "lower half" is photoshopped, somehow I don't think he'll be suing for defamation anytime soon!

  8. I don't care who he is....he's fucking gorgeous

  9. Anonymous22:56

    doesn't seem to match shirtless picsof him which probably are genuine, eh

  10. Anonymous11:19

    As mentioned the head is of Joslin. The body and rest of the image is of Tyce Jax, who performs for Next Door Ebony and does modelling on the side.


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