29 November 2014

Cherries Jubilee

Both of these lads allegedly lost their cherries when this scene was made. Their on-screen cherries, yes, but we'll never know for sure about their private lives.

Thanks once again to the golden retriever who finds these videos within an hour of my posting the still pictures. They had not even been up an hour yesterday when he found the corresponding vid. Thank you, mate!

To watch at the source site or to download your own free copy, click here. This might not last long, so sooner rather than later is the rule here.


  1. You and your followers rock!! Donwloaded! Love the rimming scene! The flip flip fuck is so hot as these men are way too hot! Thank you all! I'll be jacking to this later!

  2. Anonymous10:04

    Austin, un sueño.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  3. Anonymous11:26

    I think Adam Wolfe is hot but not over endowed in the dick dept . . but that's ok. I did notice that he doenst have much of a ball sack. Ive noticed this with a lot of guys that do porn . They don't seem to have balls or at least not much hangin. I wonder why that is?


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