26 November 2014

Triple Thick

A reader emailed me a while back that I was featuring Rocco aka Mr. Thick too much, so I've been saving up the links I've found to other sites. But I just can't help myself today because I discovered something by watching one of them that made me instantly hard.

The first is the one with the discovery: Mr. Thick is very much a "grower." This is the first time I believe I've seen him flaccid on film and he's ordinary sized. But then the blood goes to his cock and it grows and grows and grows. I wish more porn producers would show the blokes like this, going from soft to hard, because it's so hot to see their cocks stiffen.

The second features some fine fucking from Mr. Thick and, in the third one, he shares the bottom with a well hung black dude. The latter is longer than Mr. Thick but not as thick, so the bottom winces a bit more when Rocco stuffs his butthole.

To watch any or all of the videos on the source site or to download your own free copies, click here for the one where he starts flaccid, here for his second duo scene, and here for the threeway with his hung pal.

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  1. Anonymous05:35

    A falta de uno bueno son tres.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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