10 November 2014

Boogie Nights

I know some of you lads are indifferent to vintage porn, but how can you not respond to this bloke? Okay, the 1970s muttonchops are unsightly, but other than that, would you send him away from your door? That meaty cock, those furry pubes, that sullen look, that lean, ripped body -- they all add up to make one hot stud.

I do not know anything about him. I've had him on one of my hard drives for a long time, so wherever he came from was long ago forgotten. Google image search didn't turn up anything new. These photos in their original larger size are archived here for your free downloading.


  1. Anonymous06:26

    ESA polla era inmensa.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous15:06

    amazing, vintage or not.


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