04 November 2014

Cute As Fuck

I usually don't use the word "cute" to describe other blokes, but exceptions exist, including this one. I can imagine my hard cock in his mouth, those big innocent eyes staring up at me as he gets to work. I find his slightly chipped tooth to be particularly endearing.

I like to look at what's in the pictures to get a sense about a lad. The first two suggest an outdoor occupation involving blueprints, so perhaps he's a civil engineer of some kind. That would give him strong, rough hands, which can feel particularly nice against one's naked skin.

The bathroom looks like it has a woman's touch, but the only products on the counter are for men. That doesn't look like a bathroom shared by two straight men, so either it belongs to a pair of adult brothers still living at home or he's a member of team rainbow.

Google image search reveals nothing about this fellow's identity. You can see the backgrounds better in the original, larger uncropped photos, which are archived online here for your free download.


  1. Anonymous13:15

    This guy is cute?! Are you joking??

  2. Anonymous13:40

    Utterly adorable!!!

  3. Very cute and that smile makes him sexy
    I think your on to the bathroom a womens design, str8 guy looking for strange or to walk on the wild side

  4. Is he wearing a yamika on the second picture?
    And You Are Right Very CUTE!

    1. Anonymous16:03

      At first it sort of looks like it, but I think he's got his sunglasses back on his head. I'd certainly do him.

    2. I think your right about the sunglasses and I know you're right about his hottness
      I would have to push you out of the way to do him first
      Although I think we could figure out how to share him


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