13 November 2014

Boise State

This picture makes me want to travel to Idaho and corrupt his morals. That furry chest is just begging to be drenched in cum. Woof.

I used Google's image search but couldn't find any more with him. I'll bet he smells terrific. Click here for the photo in its original larger size.


  1. Anonymous07:55

    Delicioso pecho peludo.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous10:40

    What do you think the "7" means on his shorts?

  3. Anonymous13:19

    His body's really appealing but his expression makes him look like he's mean, gruff, and/or surly.

  4. Anonymous05:46

    Cara de narco!!!

  5. Anonymous11:55

    I know I've seen another photo of him naked, but holding a shirt of something in front of his dick. So I imagine there is a full set of photos out there somewhere. Lets all keep looking :-)


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