03 November 2014

Spencer Is Happy to See You

I'm not exactly clear about whether Spencer Reed has in fact retired from porn. I've seen various comments attributed to him about leaving porn, but it seems he has not actually left. He is concurrently pursuing a career as a DJ.

Hopefully this long, protracted process toward retirement will continue to move at a glacial pace, because he's eye candy who will be missed. I always like to see a big strapping furball in action.

The originals of the photos below are larger than they appear here and are archived for free here.


  1. Anonymous06:59

    Este hombre es jodidamente guapo.Yo no tengo mucho tiempo visitando este blog,pero te comento que ya revise todas las notas de años anteriores,fue espectacular.Amigo

  2. Anonymous21:34

    Damn if I looked like that there's no way I'd ever retire from porn!!!!

  3. I'm sure with the right mouth "MINE" He can be convinced to cum out of retirement ;-P

  4. Anonymous14:42

    Picture 3 is so hot--can totally imagine his cock going down around the bend of my throat, and with his legs so spread his butt hole is inviting exploration too. Nice.


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