30 November 2014

Big Hairy Brute

The big lad here is the very hot and sexy Jaxton Wheeler. In my humble opinion, he looks the absolute hottest here than he's ever been. Some blokes look bad in longer hair, but it's great for him, paired with that bushy beard.

I read an interview with him where he prefers to do threeways with a man and a woman. He'll fuck a woman by herself but not a man by himself unless payment is involved. But he's ready to go if a straight couple is involved. He wants to do bi porn but no one has offered.

To watch this on the source site or to download your own free copy, please click here. A reminder: I have no control over videos posted on third-party sites and don't even know who puts them up, so once they're gone, they're gone, unless someone else posts the same scene sometime in the future.


  1. The top is fucken hot, and I would love to have my mouth stuffed with his cock.

  2. Anonymous07:42

    The storm facilitated this for them.


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