06 January 2017

A Monumental Legacy

The Huffington Post published an article yesterday with the title "Obama Leaves a Monumental Legacy on LGBTQ Rights -- How Much Will Trump Undo" (link here), a piece that's both uplifting and depressing as the writer compares the soon-to-depart President and his deplorable replacement.

The article begins with the simple but powerful statement: "No President in history has done more for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer rights than Barack Obama."

While Obama wasn't the first Democrat to embrace the cause, when he did, he did so fully and completely.

What will come after?

The article is somewhat optimistic about how things will not be completely eroded under Donald Trump, but there are plenty of warning clouds nonetheless.

I thought this quote from Barney Frank was concisely brilliant: "The real fear is that some combination of Trump appointees to the Supreme Court and a congressional vote will empower anybody who disagrees with our rights to say, ‘I’m religiously opposed to them and I don’t have to rent to them, I don’t have to service them, I don’t have to respect their rights.’”

My greatest hope will be that Trump is only a one-term President and then we can move forward once again. With one exception, all Presidents who won the electoral college but lost the popular vote served only one term.

2021 can't get here fast enough.

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