17 January 2017

A Totalitarian Checklist

On the Princeton Election Consortium webpage, political scientist Sam Wang wrote an interesting follow-up (link here) to the Adam Gopnik article I linked here yesterday.

He's provided a handy checklist of totalitarian steps Donald Trump could take, has threatened to take, or has already taken. Readers then suggested additional steps to the list.

Sam's initial list is:

1. Taking sides with a foreign power against domestic opposition -- already done.

2. Detention of journalists -- too early for that but has spoken in favor of anti-First Amendment measures.

3. Loss of press access to the White House -- already done as a private citizen while campaigning; transition staff is planning to move press out of White House after inauguration.

4. Made-up charges against those who disagree with Trump -- already done as a private citizen.

5. Use of power to target individual citizens for retribution -- already done as a private citizen.

6. Use of a terrorist incident or an international incident to take away civil liberties -- too early for that.

7. Persecution of an ethnic or religious minority, either by the Administration or its supporters -- already openly planned by both Trump and his underlings.

8. Defying the orders of courts, including the Supreme Court -- already done as a private citizen.

The inauguration is Friday. Worried yet?

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