07 January 2017

Inside the Asylum

The online magazine Salon published an interesting article yesterday (link here) about how Michael Flynn is calling all the shots on intelligence matters inside the Trump Administration.

This section is particularly chilling: "The president-elect literally knows nothing about the workings of matters of intelligence, and there’s is no evidence that he’s spent any time trying to bone up. He has said he doesn’t need daily briefings and seems to have outsourced taking in these updates to his trusted aide Flynn. And Flynn is an angry man with a major ax to grind."

While this has nothing to do with LGBT issues, it does show how Trump simply turns complete control of major policy matters over to someone else. He's turning intelligence matters over to the deeply disturbed Flynn.

Who has he turned LGBT issues over to? Michael Pence, who is deeply disturbed in his own right? Or is one of the other anti-LGBT people in Trump's new administration on this?

This is why Trump is so dangerous -- it's the people around him who are the real threat. And they're almost all hateful anti-LGBT zealots.

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