14 January 2017

Watergate 2.0

It's too early yet to tell where the Russian dossier scandal is going and how much damage it will do to Donald Trump. He's certainly not helping his own case by throwing public temper tantrums over the matter and it's now become a full-blown crisis (details here).

If he had a modicum of maturity, he would simply deflect by saying something innocuous in a calm voice like "the matter is being investigated and commenting at this time would be inappropriate." But of course, he doesn't do that, and instead acts like a spoiled child and only makes reporters want to dig further.

Good. I hope they do. I hope it all blows up in his face. I hope it becomes Watergate 2.0 and cripples his administration.

The worse Trump does, the better our chances, I think. If Trump turns out to be the inept, ineffective, feckless, and corrupt buffoon he has every sign of becoming, then that will hurt Republicans badly. Democrats could bounce back in 2018 and 2020 like they did in 1974 and 1976 after Nixon's fall from grace.

A weakened Trump is the best possible news for women, people of color, minorities, LGBT folks, and any others who could be oppressed if he was without controversy.

Let them cut their own throats.


  1. Anonymous04:41

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  2. Anonymous08:46

    Here, here! Well said.


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