23 January 2017

Department of Obfuscation

Almost immediately after Donald Trump was sworn into office on Friday, all mentions of LGBT rights, civil rights, health care, and climate change were erased from the official White House webpage (more details here).

Apparently LGBT and other civil rights no longer matter, but the updated White House webpage does plug Melania Trump's jewelry line.

The new Trump administration continues its war on truth, as was seen over the weekend when both the new chief executive (link here) and his spokesperson (link here) lied repeatedly when claiming the recent inauguration crowd was the largest ever. It was barely a tenth the size of President Obama's first swearing in and was also dwarfed by the massive anti-Trump rallies on Saturday. In response to continued ridicule directed at him over his lies, Trump threatened the media would "pay a big price" (link here) for telling the truth about him.

Remember when Donald Trump promised to release all his tax returns as soon as an audit was completed? Turns out that was another lie. Yesterday, his spokesperson said his tax returns will never be released (link here). Never.

So do people still believe Donald Trump will be good for LGBT rights because he briefly held an upside down rainbow flag on the campaign trail?

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    Asi actĂșan todos los resentidos.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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