04 January 2017

Six Things

The Advocate published an excellent article yesterday (link here), which also appears in their latest print edition, with the title "Six Things We Must Do to Survive Trump’s America."

The first paragraph succinctly lays out the premise of the piece:

"The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States is a disaster for LGBT people throughout the nation. There can be no doubt that the Trump administration, together with a Republican-dominated Congress, will roll back hard-fought victories and stall the push for ever greater equality. Bleak as the situation may be, however, it is not hopeless — and it is not at all inevitable that Trump and his allies will irreversibly alter the ascendancy of LGBT rights."

I urge you to read the piece and share it with all your LGBT friends/acquintances and all your LGBT-friendly friends/acquintances, too.

They will never force us back into the closet.


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