24 January 2017

The Power Behind the Throne?

Rolling Stone magazine just published a very interesting profile of the new Vice President, Michael Pence (link here), and the man seems positively creepy. Grossest detail: he calls his wife "mother."

The meat of the article, however, is how Pence all but advocates turning America into a Catholic theocracy. Part of this agenda, of course, is satisfying his extremist anti-LGBT beliefs.

As I documented here previously, it's well known that when offering the Vice President slot to the current governor of Ohio (who declined), Donald Trump promised he would be the most powerful veep in history and in charge of domestic and foreign policy. One has to wonder if the same sweeping offer was extended to Pence.

Given one of the first actions Trump took today was an attack on birth control, and Pence stood hovering right behind him with a beaming smile, you almost get the sense the veep was the one who chose what would get done on the first day in the Oval Office.

As the linked article details, Pence has repeatedly made war on LGBT rights. If he indeed is the true power behind Trump's empty throne, than no amount of upside-down rainbow flag waving will protect LGBT Americans from the dark days to come.

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