12 January 2017

This Week in Hate

It's no secret that Donald Trump's campaign and subsequent election has emboldened racists and haters of all stripes, including homophobes, and some of them are committing crimes on minorities of all sorts, as previously reported in this blog and many sources elsewhere.

As a result, in November, The New York Times began running a weekly feature called "This Week in Hate" (link here) which chronicles various hate crimes perpetrated by the far right. If you're not already familiar with this feature, you should be. I recommend bookmarking.

A President and administration that traffics in hateful rhetoric and policies cannot help but sow hateful and sometimes violent sentiments in some supporters. If the media and various public interest groups are vigilant, however, such crimes will not escape public condemnation.

In these troubled times, we must all watch and be aware. When we see injustice we must speak up to keep tyranny at bay.

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