18 January 2017

Wrecking Ball

The Daily Beast published an excellent article yesterday (link here) with the title "Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Education Pick, Could Make Life Hell for LGBT Youth."

As the piece states, "same-sex marriage may grab the headlines, but education policy at all levels of government often has more of an effect on the daily lives of LGBT people, because despite all the progress in recent years, queer kids are still being bullied, and still attempting suicide at four times the rate of straight kids."

Considering how DeVos's family has given hundreds of millions to anti-LGBT organizations and she herself has supported a far right, conservative anti-LGBT "religious liberty" group, one has to wonder if she has any concern for our community at all.

The Beast article then lays out, in some detail, four specific issues where DeVos could collide with LGBT rights and do so much damage.

This is why Donald Trump's personal beliefs about LGBT rights are really secondary because he's appointed so many anti-LGBT people to the senior levels of his incoming administration. While he may passively support issues like same-sex marriage, the fact that his administration is largely run and controlled by anti-LGBT zealots is what matters at the end of the day.

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