02 January 2017

Prove It

A reminder: today's porn feature immediately follows this one.

The Los Angeles Times published a superb editorial late last week (link here) with the title "Trump must prove that he supports 'our LGBTQ citizens.'" The premise of the piece is simple but powerful -- Trump needs to stop saying he supports LGBT people and instead take action immediately after his inauguration to support LGBT Americans.

In other words, put up or shut up.

He must leave in place President Obama's protections for LGBT citizens. He also needs to veto the so-called 1st Amendment Defense Act, which would legalize discrimination against LGBT folks.

If he fails to do this -- or does the opposite -- then he'll reveal himself to be what many of us have suspected all along -- a liar who hoodwinked millions of Americans and a demogogue who said anything to get elected.


  1. Anonymous08:06

    Thank G-d for the brave men who defend our country. And forget their underwear, from time to time.

  2. Anonymous05:02

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