10 January 2017

Reject Sessions

Lambda Legal published a short but powerful piece yesterday (link here) with the title "Sessions Would Put LGBT Rights at Grave Risk."

The bottom line: the US Senate must reject homophobe Jeffrey Sessions as Attorney General. Donald Trump says he supports LGBT people, so he must nominate a better Attorney General candidate who isn't a strident homophobe and bigot like Sessions.

Sessions was an early Trump supporter way back in the primary process, so no doubt the President-Elect rewarded him for his loyalty. But Americans' civil rights are more important than political plums.

We need an honorable Attorney General who will protect all Americans, not one who will persecute certain Americans.

If you haven't already called your two senators to urge them to reject Sessions, you must do it now. Pick up the phone and call them immediately.

Here is the list of all US senators, if you don't know yours already.

Once you have their two names, call them right now at the numbers on the click-through provided.

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