03 January 2017

Ginger Buck

Johnny V is a big hot musclestud who's become a major pornstar after only two years in the business. It's not hard to see why. His fantastic body is totally ripped.

He stands 5'11 and weighs in at 190 pounds. Whilst he is versatile and has both topped and done some flip-flip scenes, the majority of his work is as a power bottom.

In addition to porn, he's also a club dancer and does private cam shows. Before getting into the flesh business, he worked in a cubicle job. He's said in interviews he hated that work, but I'll bet some of his coworkers loved watching him.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total almost one hundred in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, you'll want to click here.


  1. Anonymous13:32

    More gingers (like Johnny V)!

  2. Anonymous17:00

    IRL he's Nick DiCristina from Chicago.


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