16 March 2018

Crossing the Red Line

The New York Times broke the story yesterday (link here) that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who leads the criminal investigation into the President and his associates, has subpoenaed Donald Trump's business for documents, including some relating to Russia.

This is the clearest signal so far that Mueller is taking a serious look at Trump's business dealings.

Of course, this crosses the "red line" that Trump warned Mueller last July could not be crossed and that examining his business history would be a "violation" (details here).

For their part, Trump's lawyers have repeatedly warned Mueller and his people not to look at Trump's business history (details here and here).

Of course, Mueller is completely free to ignore such warnings and has the full force of the law and subpoena power behind him to do so. If anything, Trump and his lawyers' remarks unintentionally directed Mueller's attention toward Trump's business history.

What these subpoenas produce and when and if we'll ever see the results remains to be seen. If they're the basis for someone's indictment, more might become known when that unknown person is actually charged.

Until then, stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous06:55

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  2. As long as Mueller can dig in Trumpty Dumpty's businesses, he'll be able to find something bad for sure.

    I'm always so flabbergasted to hear that in USA, a president or any elected candidate can hide his financial or personal stuffs from any enquiry.
    Didn't «45» yet show is income tax reports? Why can any officials be able to make them public?

    Trumpet is obviously hiding some affairs with Russia and it's like a pole in an eye even if he denies it on any plateform.

    This man, if you can name him as a «man», is a real disgrace for all USA citizens and a real danger for the whole world peace.


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