23 March 2018


Yesterday, Donald Trump abruptly announced that his National Security Advisor HR McMaster was leaving and would be replaced by John Bolton, a particularly hawkish warmonger who has urged for years that the United States should proactively engage in military action against both Iran and North Korea (details here).

Neither of those two countries are wonderful places, but to deliberately rush to war for the sake of war is worse than insane. Bolton has, for years, been a warmongering talking head on Fox News, where he possibly first came to Trump's attention, given the hours each day he spends watching television in the Oval Office.

Bolton's instinct to go to war, rather than seeking diplomatic solutions, does not bode well. Does his appointment, which does not require Senate confirmation, suggest that Trump thinks a sudden war will distract the American people from his disastrously incompetent and corrupt presidency?

Let's hope and pray that's not the case. Stay tuned.

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  1. OMG!
    Rare times where we can see such sexy mature man. I'm 67yo and I would like to look like this one so much.
    YUMMY for sure.

    For your post, this other change in the White House is the worst and isn't smelling good.
    This moron from «Fuck News» is a real threat to the peace in the world and very dangerous for USA's people.

    Trumpty Dumpty has NO views over international politics and by naming this puppet, he shows how shallow is his intellectual health.

    Hope that the Congress and Senate can stop some bad decisions that this «Hitler disciple» can try to make.
    In all what we see frome here, Canada and the other allies, is that HATE and childish behaviors are the main leading politics in the White House despite any criticism coming from all part of the USA.

    As we saw that GUNS and NRA are the new God values in USA, maybe entering one or two more wars would help the arm manufacturers to make MORE money.

    MONEY is the base of WAR...


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