25 March 2018


I have a first for this blog today -- a book recommendation. Head to your local library and borrow a copy of Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic, by David Frum and published in January of this year (details here).

It's a fast read; I just finished reading it on a flight to New York. It's not a tittle-tattle like Fire and Fury but instead a highly articulate and readable indictment of everything wrong with Donald Trump.

The book, however, was not written by a fire-breathing liberal. Frum is a conservative Republican and served in George W. Bush's administration as a speechwriter, and his fine skill with concise, crisp language is found on every page.

He doesn't attack Trump on ideology, however. He takes the President to task for his corruption, incompetence, self-dealing, arrogance, cruelty, and greed.

The book, surprisingly, has an optimistic ending. Because Trump is such a wretched President and has corrupted the American political system, he has inspired a new sense of civic engagement and responsibility. Americans throughout the country are now becoming more involved in politics and running for office so that our nation will be come back stronger and better once Trump leaves office.


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  2. This book seems quite optimistic.
    As often, after almost living a disaster, you stand up and face it with more courage and faith.

    After the youth's and adult manifestations yesterday, what this writer has expressed seem to be coming to life.

    USA, at least those with some education and open mind, are taking actions to straighten the ideology of American politics.

    Is this will be enough to make radical changes in such a «conservative» USA?

    The future will tell it.

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