28 March 2018


The New York Times published an excellent op-ed on Monday (link here) With the title "Yes, You Can Indict the President." The piece was written by a former assistant attorney general and head of the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice who also served for a time as Acting Solicitor General.

The case he makes is simple but compelling -- there is nothing in the Constitution that prevents indictment of a sitting President like Donald Trump. The actual trial, he argues, would then be postponed until after the President leaves office.

The rationale he offers is equally concise and convincing: statutes of limitation may expire if allowing a President to remain unindicted the entire time he or she is in office. "The White House should not be a sanctuary from justice," he concludes in the final sentence.

Read the linked column. It's not long but nonetheless is quite compelling.


  1. Anonymous06:15

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  2. Anonymous08:44

    Statutes of limitation. Not statues. A statue of limitation would be one too heavy to lift.

  3. Thanks. Embarrassing typo. Blogging and jet lag do not always mix.


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