14 March 2018

Wake-up Call

I'm writing this at midnight New York City time and the special election results from Western Pennsylvania are nearly all in. The 18th Congressional District held a special election on Tuesday, March 13, to fill a vacant seat.

Donald Trump won the district by twenty points in November 2016, a landslide margin. But as of this writing, with all precincts reporting and absentees from the largest county counted, Democrat Conor Lamb has a 579 vote lead over the Republican challenger.

The chances therefore that Lamb will be the declared winner are fairly high. Although the smaller county absentees that have yet to be counted are from GOP-leaning areas, the chance of the Republican pulling way ahead with the uncounted votes is quite unlikely, given Pennsylvania legally only has a small percentage of absentee votes (voters must have prior permission to vote absentee and only for reasons like illness or travel).

Even if Lamb eventually does not prevail, he would only lose by a very small margin, in a congressional district that has eroded a whopping twenty points -- one fifth of voters -- since Trump's small win in 2016.

That is utterly humiliating for both Republicans and specifically for Trump, who campaigned for the Republican candidate and headlined a rally for him this past weekend.

As well, this is an enormous wake-up call for any and all who oppose Trump. The 2018 midterms are in eight months. The chance that Republicans will lose control of the House of Representatives is now higher than ever.

If Republicans lose control of one part of Congress, that will be a gigantic curb on Trump's reckless, unethical, incompetent administration. A Democratic House of Representatives can also begin formal investigations of Trump on the scale of the Watergate Hearings.

Anyone who opposes Trump must become more involved this year. Volunteer even if you only have an hour extra a week -- you can phone bank from home. Contribute if you can at all afford it, even if only a few dollars.

If you're an American voters, you live in a Congressional district. Find out who's running this year. Volunteer and contribute to the Democratic candidates in your district.

This is our chance to pull America back on track. We must not squander it.


  1. Anonymous04:25

    Si se puede y manos a la obra. tU ERES UNA GRAN INSPIRACION ( EL MODELO)

  2. I also watched the West Pennsylvania election last night and saw the too small majority of Lamb. But as you mentioned, this is a «spank» on Trumpty Dumpty's ass who was praising himself only to have won it by 20 points in 2016.
    Now, he must be shitting in his huge pants in regard of next mid term elections.

    BÙT, as you also said, ALL Démocrates followers HAVE to go out and make the difference. Thing those didn't do in 2016 believing that Clinton would win easily against the «clownesque» Trumpty Dumpty candidate.

    From Canada, USA's politics is such entertaining it's like watching a «soap» on TV.... LOL!

    Big drama but such slow développements from day to day.

  3. Anonymous13:11

    We only have ourselves to blame if we don't heed your warning/advice, Manhandler.

  4. Inspiring model, si! More!!


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