30 March 2018


Donald Trump is the first American President in history to own ongoing businesses which generate considerable income while he is in office.

Many Americans have objected to the fact that, for instance, when Trump travels to one of his golf courses, taxpayers must foot the bill (which earn profits for him) for rentals and accommodations for Secret Service and other staff.

A more troubling profit is earned by the President from his hotel in Washington which does considerable business catering to foreign governments that spend there lavishly in hopes of currying favor from the administration.

Many legal experts contend that Trump's continuing ownership and profit from businesses like the hotel violate the Constitution's prohibition on presidential emoluments. That provision prohibits money and gifts passing to a President from both foreign and domestic governments.

Accordingly, Trump has been sued in several federal courts by a variety of parties, some who are individuals, some that are businesses, and some state and local governments. One suit was thrown out on technical grounds but is currently being appealed.

This week, another one of those suits took an important step forward when a judge tossed out the President's arguments that the case should be dismissed (details here). The case will now move on to the next step of defining what exactly constitutes an emolument and whether Trump has violated the prohibition against them.

Trump promised repeatedly to step away from his businesses totally (details here) and, not surprisingly, he has repeatedly broken that promise. He continues to be briefed on and directs his private business operations and has regularly used the Oval Office to pursue new business opportunities, including foreign developmemts, which he had promised to end -- another promise which he broke.

If one or both houses of Congress fall out of Republican control in this year's election, we can expect this is an issue that will gain much wider attention with the possibility of Congressional hearings on how Trump may be violating the law by continuing to profit from and direct his various businesses. It's an issue that Congress should already be addressing, but sadly, the Republicans now in control are doing absolutely nothing.

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  1. It's so disgusting to see all those million of public dollars «45» is spending just to go golfing in Mar A Largo every weekend.

    This is just one example of «Trumpty Dumpty's» way to suck money out by his now new title as USA's presidency.

    It's so obvious like a pole in your eye that «45» is taking advantage of the situation.
    He is even bragging saying that his smarter because he never paid his income taxes which are still not in public to see them.

    How come such a wealthy man can hide his money even if being the president needs to show all a «clean» open and honest businesses.

    He has surely some bad sides to hide from all Americans except those deplorables that are drinking his lies whatever he says.

    Money corrupts and this «45» is the worst corrupted president that ever been in the White House, Nixon included.

    It's unbelievable that the Republican Party is doing nothing to confront him on how he spend public funds for his personal needs.

    I saw a report of the «Virginia water issue» in the Appalachians where people are struggling for decades to have clean drinking water.
    This was such surprising to me to hear that in such a rich country, many people aren't even allowed to have clean tap water for decades.
    While this «45» is living a «wealthy» and confortable life and his population doesn't even have their basic needs satisfied.

    Shame on USA and mainly on the «45» and its self centered administration.


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