04 March 2018

Unglued & Unraveling

Donald Trump has bragged in the past that he's "a very stable genius," but evidence this week suggests anything but.

On Friday, NBC reported a news item (link here) that Trump's rash, reckless, and potentially recession-creating embrace of a trade war he's now ignited was actually because he became "unglued" on Wednesday night and lashed out in an attempt to shift attention away from the criminal probe into his activities, his son-in-law Jared Kushner's mounting legal problems, and the resignation and Congressional testimony this week by Hope Hicks, one of his closest aides.

Also on Friday, Gloria Borger at CNN reported a piece (link here) that paints a stark portrait of the President with the title "The great unraveling: Trump's allies are really worried about him."

The spot opens: "Not since Richard Nixon started talking to the portraits on the walls of the West Wing has a president seemed so alone against the world. One source -- who is a presidential ally -- is worried, really worried. The source says this past week is 'different,' that advisers are scared the President is spiraling, lashing out, just out of control."

Trump has never seemed particularly stable, as his Twitter behavior and rambling, often incoherent public statements reveal. But the level of chaotic disconnect is clearly more visible now. For instance, when Russia announced potential stunning high-tech nuclear weapons this week, Trump said nothing but instead babbled on Twitter about Alec Baldwin's comments about him on television.

There is a mechanism to remove a mentally unstable President -- the 25th Amendment, which must be triggered by the Vice President and the Cabinet. Both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan's cabinet discussed evoking the 25th.

Has Trump's Cabinet ever broached this subject? If not, the time might be nigh to begin discussions.

Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous03:45

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  2. With the last week guns «presidential» strategy (if he ever could have one), the steel/aluminum taxes announcement AND the non respond to Putin speech, anyone can see how unstable this «45» is and even more scary, how he changes his path and politics in regard of who he has in front of him.

    White House and all of us are puzzled and confused to try to really know where is going this «moron» from hour to hour and day to day.

    NO stability here not surprising coming from that unstable mentally president.

    So sad for those students who were killed and the survivors that were expecting some leadership from their president to move on for guns control.
    The promises made in the bipartisan meeting were wiped out as soon as that same «moron president» had a meeting later with NRA alone in the Oval Office.

    This «45» has no credibility and no presidential reliability.

    Kick him out ASAP.


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