22 March 2018

Hate Has a Face

For the last several weeks, somebody terrorized Austin, Texas, by sending and leaving bomb-laced packages around the city. Several people were killed while others were seriously injured.

Last night, as law enforcement officials closed in on a suspect and surrounded his vehicle, he exploded his car and himself.

After his death and identification, the media began reporting information about the perpetrator. He apparently was a racist, because African-Americans and their communities were targeted. He also had far-right beliefs, urging that abortion should be outlawed and sex offender registries should be eliminated.

He also was virulently homophobic, as his personal blog reveals. Six years ago he wrote a post titled (link here) "why gay marriage should be illegal."

He was homeschooled but obviously not well versed in dialectics. He reaches boneheaded conclusions like "falling in love is a choice."

This only gets worse: "Homosexuality is not natural. Just look at the male and female bodies. They are obviously designed to couple. The natural design is apparent. It is not natural to couple male with male."

It's easy to dismiss him as an ignorant moron. That's not the issue here. The issue is how he was warped by hate. He liked to think of himself as a conservative, but he's all in favor of supervising other people's bedrooms.

This kind of thinking is nurtured and taught by the hateful right. Instead of just ignoring people they don't like, they insist on meddling in their lives and that they have some divine right to do so.

Hate then manifests itself in many ways. Anti-LGBT violence. Mass shootings. Acts of domestic terror. When you teach people to hate, they do hateful things, like blow people up with bombs.

This is what results when you have a President who is a toxic bundle of hate. When you traffic in hate, hate multiplies.

If you're not LGBT, no one is saying you have to love us and be part of our lives. If you don't want to see us, look somewhere else. We don't bother you. Why do you insist on bothering us and our families and friends?


  1. Anonymous06:38

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  2. Your post today just hit bulls eye on it.
    HATE, HATE is such often seen in USA and more since that «45» hater in chief is in office.
    Backed by is ultra religious base and his way of living without any pity to other people that aren't thinking like him or is praising him.

    As the Islamic extremists as ISIS, the ultra conservative Christian extremists in USA are badly redirecting the REAL message of the Gospel of Jesus that is mainly known as the LOVE LAW.

    In the 60's, we had a great democratic Prime Minister, the Hon. Pierre Elliott Trudeau, that just said quite the same message as you did here.

    Trudeau opened the lead to a change in our Constitution by saying: "No one, not even the government can be able to see what is going on in your private bedrooms,."
    Therefore, he manage to write our new «Canadian Charter of Rights and Liberties» that is in force since 1982 is assuring ALL Canadians that his way of life will NEVER be challenged or threatened by anyone or any group.

    This was made possible because our parlement is not at the mercy of any religious lobbyists.
    When USA will be able to separate religion and civil affairs, then, maybe, things will be able to change in USA.

    For your info, here is the Wikipedia link to the history of our Canadian Charter.



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