24 March 2018


Remember during the 2016 campaign season, when Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for President. He gave a speech at the convention where he listed problems he perceived as facing the nation and then added the same tagline to each one: "I alone can fix it."

It was the epitome of arrogance. Out of roughly 325 million Americans, Trump insisted he was the only one in the entire country who could fix potentially major problems.

Flash forward to 2018 and Trump has failed miserably. He was strong on hype but completely lacking on delivery.

Aaron Blake at the Washington Post penned a great piece yesterday (link here) that explains why Trump has failed to live up to this grandiose promise: he's lazy and unwilling to do the hard work, let alone any work, toward crafting workable solutions.

So it seems "I alone can fix this" consists of nothing more than Trump shooting off his mouth. But empty noise never fixed anything.

Blake's piece neglects to each for a conclusion as to why Trump made such a grandiose promise of "I alone can fix it" -- this is the sort of promise that a con artist would make.

Con artists peddle products that sound incredible: miracle medical cures, sure-fire investment schemes to make a quick million, mysterious products that can do incredible things. Their spiel is designed to get the money up front.

And then they take the money, turn, and run.

That's what Trump did at the GOP convention: he promised miracles and the only price you had to pay was your vote. But as soon as he got that, he completely waffled on his promise.

Now in this case, he couldn't actually run. He's hiding in plain sight inside the White House. Sadly, he fleeced millions of Americans yet they still support him as they wait with their empty promises.

So we have to give credit where credit is due: Trump is such a skilled con man that he takes the money but then doesn't have to run, because his victims keep on thanking him for nothing but a big fat lie.

Politico ran a piece on this yesterday (link here) with the title "Trump’s governing strategy: Overpromise, underdeliver." The article opens: "Trump has made a habit of sweeping promises that net headlines, only to deliver more modest results."

That's being kind. More often than not, Trump's deliveries are a heaping basket full of nothing.


  1. Anonymous05:50

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  2. Well said again.

    As we say in French: "Grand parleur, petit faiseur." (Big talker, small doer.)
    A kind of magician who is mesmerizing his audience with fake tricks. After the show, we can just realize that it's only smoke with no real stuff.

    His last «show» about the budget was such a farce. His use of superlative expressions is such laughable.
    Only USA can build super submarines etc... Come on, USA's people are not that naïve. Many other countries are building wonderful ships too.
    Not to mention the planes from other countries like France, Germany, Russia, Sweden etc...

    «45» has one world record here: «HE's» the laziest country leader in the world. Bragging on Obama going golfing is such a farce too.
    Trumpty Dumpty is going out in Mar a Largo EVERY weekend to golf. Even after the Parkland shooting, he went golfing. Not on the same Sunday but the day after, to be respectful for this sad event. Comme on, what a fake president with no heart but a big wallet.

    «HE's» such a disgrace for USA's people.

  3. WOW! what a manly daddy he is! LOVE LOVE LOVE :)


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