09 March 2018

Liquid Lunch

Adam has had his eye on Vic all week long at the conference. His gaydar has been registering some hits and he can tell the other man has a lean athletic body and big cock under his suit.

Finally, Adam downs two drinks, plucks up his courage, and introduces himself to Vic when he sees the object of his interest is knocking back cocktails before the lunch break. Soon Vic is so smashed he can barely stand.

Adam then plays the good citizen and helps Vic up to his hotel room. But when he eases the near comatose man on his bed, he can't help but notice his thick cock hardening and straining against his trousers.

Feeling no pain himself, Adam's resistance is down. When he realizes Vic is almost unconscious and that his erect cock is pushing against his pants, he eases down the man's zipped and slides his pulsing rod into his mouth.

He sucks him for a while but is shocked to realize that Vic isn't as unconscious as he thought. While the drunken man fights him off for a few seconds, he soon relaxes and gets into things, then takes the initiative and turns the tables on a surprised Adam.

The watermarked originals for the photos are larger than they appear below and total nearly one hundred forty in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, please click here.

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  1. Adam is one of the great vocal bottoms along with Jessie Colter. While they are both versatile it's their expression of pure pleasure while getting fucked that makes is super hot


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