27 March 2018

Repeatedly Rejected

In the past week, the White House has announced that several top lawyers would be representing Donald Trump as Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal investigation circles the President and his associates. And then shortly thereafter, the lawyers in question said they would not be representing Trump.

The number of top lawyers who have passed on representing Trump in the past few days is at least five (details here and here). Additionally, a top lawyer already representing Trump quit last week.

Normally, there would be a long line of top GOP lawyers willing to work for a Republican President. But not Trump. The most obvious reason is that he's incredibly needy and insists on ignoring his lawyers' advice. The biggest problem for any attorney representing him -- Trump can't keep his mouth shut.

I am crying no tears about this and I'm sure many others feel the same way. Trump's lead counsel in the Russia matter continues to be someone with no prior experience with this kind of representation. The President obviously likes the guy because he strokes his ego, but that will be exactly zero help when Mueller begins to turn the screws.

Once again, Trump is his own worst enemy.

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  1. AMEN!
    Trumpty Dumpty has such a HUGE ego that he cannot even imagine someone can give him better legal advices.

    All this with is non stopping tweeting and non sense speaking saying one thing and the contrary the day after.

    «HE's» a HUGE mouth with NO BRAIN.

    No intelligent lawyer will take a professional risk on trying to represent such a «clown».

    My only hope (the sooner the better) is that Mueller can come out soon with HUGE dossier to indict «45» and put him on trial.


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