15 March 2018

Holy Hypocrisy

The Advance Media newspaper syndicate published an excellent editorial Tuesday night (link here) about how America's self-appointed evangelical leaders, who endlessly condemn LGBT citizens, have collectively decided it's perfectly acceptable that Donald Trump, a married man, conducted an adulterous affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels.

Tony Perkins of the LGBT-hating Family Research Council has no problem with Trump's behavior and grants him "a do-over here." How lovely. Who granted him the authority to dispense blanket pardons.

Evangelist Robert Jeffress totally waffles the issue by stating "evangelicals know they are not compromising their beliefs in order to support this great President." Well, they're certainly compromising something. Their souls, perhaps?

Evangelist Franklin Graham at least conceded "he is not President Perfect" but insisted "a concern for Christian values." What Christian values are involved in a married man banging a woman who's not your wife?

Curiously, no one has yet asked these self-proclaimed arbiters of wholesome values why they have not condemned Ms. Daniels. After all, she has appeared in dozens of hardcore lesbian films -- is it okay being LGBT as long as you suck the President's cock?

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  1. OMG!
    Nothing new under the sun.

    As I watched the first episode of the wonderful historic show on CNN, POPE, I learned that Constantin, Roman Emperor, used the Christian's Bishops trough his empire to set his power. As those bishops were in charge of large Christian communities and a sort of moral and politic influence, Constantin saw there a easy way to set his power and gave those bishops money power to achieve their duties.

    Not surprising that in USA, nothing has really evolved and that religious authorities are still using their influence on the politics.

    This is such obsolete.
    Here in Canada we separated the politic civil power from the religious one. This was achieved in the early 1960's but not without any controversy coming from the bishops and priest. But quite rapidly, the religious influence and power was out in our government, schools and city councils etc.

    When in USA, such a religious country, you see those hypocrites like Roy Moore and this «45» ridiculous adultery,misogyne, racist and homophobic still praised by the most religious part of the people, not surprising they can go on without any compunction or remorse.

    As long as those obsolete and Dark Ages ways of governing are in place, USA will suffer from their unfair politics in regard of modern Human Rights.

    In God We Trust, your motto, is often flouted by exactly the ones that are, in front, saying those words in the name of virtue and righteousness when in their dark behaviors are doing the contrary.

    Religion is the opium of the people when those are not well educated.....


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