20 August 2010

Circa 1965

These photos are from a 1965 magazine. This was about the extent of gay porn back in the swinging sixties. Full frontal nudity was very uncommon because sellers of such fare could be thrown in jail. Hardcore, explicit sex was even more rare. You had to use a great deal of your imagination to fill in the blanks.


  1. These photos are hot & timeless! So much can be said for the understatement ~ what isn't seen can kick your imagination into gear.

  2. Anonymous08:51

    There was this model named ROD BAUER, circa..1968? Any photos around still? - Montana Cowboy

  3. Anonymous06:12

    Just think, these guys are at least in their late 60's by now. Just goes to show you, hotness is timeless.


  4. Very hot... love these.

  5. photos 2 and 7 are Rick Wayne, born Learie Carasco (St. Lucia, 1938- ) photos by Scott of London, née Tom Nicoll


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