19 August 2010

Daddy Dearest

I hesitate to call a bloke my own age "daddy," but I know others would. I do know when I was the age of the younger lad in this set, there was nothing I liked more than a bigger, older man for a bedroom playmate.

I remember one in particular who used to take me to the Best Western on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood, just east of the freeway. He was married and I never knew his real name, but he taught me all sorts of things I was happy to learn. I often think of those times still to this day whenever I drive through Hollywood.


  1. this was really hot. where is it from? would have love to see that daddy fuck that younger dude.

  2. Anonymous08:36

    The Daddy....can we see a payoff? I know this German Daddy loves to get fucked by twinks, but he's got a condom on in these photos which is not the usual thing for him. So...how does this story end? (If you've no further photos, feel free to fill in the blanks.) - Montana Cowboy

  3. I would not mind having Daddy and boy to play with today.

  4. Joseph, I don't know the clip source. Montana, this was part of a set with about 15 pictures, but many of them are almost duplicative. The insertion shots were not much and not particularly visible.

  5. Really excellent blog.
    Sellected images and videos are amazing!

  6. Joel20:58

    It sounds like you had some fun when you were younger. I wish something like that would happen to me. I need a Daddy to come "teach" me a few things, ha ha.

  7. yeah will, i have some very fond similar memories.

  8. "Best Western on Franklin Avenue" -
    Last Cappucino Before the 101!
    (it's at the top of my street)


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