04 August 2010

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

This video was one of many produced in the 1980s by a company called Bullet. They were a staple of gay porn theaters back in the day. Bullet clips featured primarily "the real man" look -- muscular blokes who built up their bodies with hard labor, not at the gym.

That genre seems to have faded in the porn world. You can see lots of big ripped lads on screen -- and I'm certainly not complaining -- but they're mostly all gym built. You don't much see men who could be real construction workers or utility linemen, the kind of blokes who are very well put together because of hard work and have no need for a gym.


  1. Anonymous07:42

    A blast from the past!
    The guy in the hat had his cum shot. But I didn't notice if the guy in the moustache came. Did anyone catch it?

  2. Anonymous09:00

    Could be wrong, but the moustache was Will Seeger. Definately a blast from MY past. Been there with Will. (literally). Montana Cowboy

  3. What a hot blast from the past! Yum! I hope Ray sees this one!
    Vintage rocks!!

  4. Anonymous21:07

    Completely hokey, bad ad libbing, but I loved it! Very sexy.

  5. I am so freakin' jealous of Montana Cowboy. I've been following his exploits here and elsewhere. And about those men and their "natural" physiques--no bodies look better in jeans than these old-time studs'. I'm a relatively dewy 42 myself (smile) and have been striving to emulate this look for some years now--body, horseshoe 'stache, self-boiled 501's, lumberjack shirts--with only partial success. But I'm certainly not lacking for sex buddies.

  6. love this video. HOT and HOT. Thanks for making me more hornier than I normally am.

  7. Anonymous13:31

    I remember shots from this in an imported US gay magazine when I was at college more than forty years ago. The dubbed sound is indeed hokey but it is nice to be reminded of what seemed hot then.

  8. boy do I remember videos of Will Seagers!! Great stuff.. there weren't too many videos of him getting fucked, and I always hunted for those.. remember his vid getting fucked by Richard Locke.. too many arty effects to see it clearly but I liked it


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