28 August 2010

Circle Jerk Party

In the 1980s, circle jerk parties were all the rage for a while. They were popular as a way to get off without sexual penetration in the early days of AIDS. At the time, I don't even remember if I had heard of them.


  1. Anonymous06:14

    I loved the video. OK, say it together, everyone in unison "Oh, Yeah!" "Oh, Yeah!" is like the gay man's "Amen".

    What was with the black scarves on some of the dudes?


  2. They were really fun parties and it was a good way to check out who'd you want for the rest of the night!

  3. Anonymous00:47

    Actually, this video is from the late 1990s. Around 2:35, a young Tyler Hill is seen, and he didn't return to Falcon until 2005 for "All Night Long" and "Beefcake" (my personal fave, also featuring Roman Heart, Ethan Cage, and Erik Rhodes) By then, he was more muscular, but this video isn't from the 1980s, though it looks like it could be.

  4. Anon, I didn't mean to imply this video was from the 1980s. I was speaking of the practice of private circle jerk parties.

  5. Hey - jack off parties are still alive and kicking in DC - believe me!! thanks for the vid!!

  6. Anonymous09:58

    Hot, Hot, Hot, cock, cum, balls, grunting, shooting, Sweet......

  7. Anonymous13:34

    Guy #2's jizz fountain is just incredible!

  8. Anonymous07:51

    there was a punk band back in the 80's called the circle jerks.
    'daisy chain' was a nice term for a bunch of guys sucking each other simultaneously.
    we need a gay lexicon.

  9. Anonymous06:42

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