01 August 2010

The Nightmare on Mulberry Lane

As he went door-to-door collecting donations for The Protect Marriage and Save Family Values Foundation, college student Brandon encountered few people willing to help. So when he was invited to step inside and explain his group's philosophy to the two friendly fellows in the isolated house on Mulberry Lane who said they were interested in "giving him something big," he was more than happy to oblige.

Once in the house, the refreshing lemonade they offered, however, caused him to lose consciousness for some reason. When he awoke, he found himself bound and subjected to unspeakable things he had never imagined possible by the now-naked gentlemen. The most frightening aspect of all for him, when his hands were tied behind his back and his mouth crammed full, was the sudden realization that his penis had gotten very hard and that he was secretly exhilarated at what was happening to him.

They had never mentioned this might happen at the Family Values Foundation orientation meeting.


  1. Is this a true story?

  2. Not that I know of. But any eager young bloke seeking "donations" is welcome to come to our door.

  3. Anonymous06:11

    That guy on the right is Jesse O'Toole - no mistaking that tattoo!


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