02 August 2010

Tap That Guy

It happens every day in the city. You catch only a glimpse, and then he's gone. You might only see his back and never his face, but you still know he's hot. You'll probably never see him again. But that moment is etched in your memory. That god with the powerful shoulders in the tight black T-shirt on East 23rd Street...

Tap That Guy is a great pictorial site devoted to momentary images of hot men spotted out in public around the world. All the shots below -- and many more -- can be found on the site.


  1. Those guys are VERY hot!

  2. Love it! I'm off to check out the web site now.

  3. Anonymous21:51

    That's great . . . plus one of the pics demonstrates something a bud of mine and I have come to appreciate greatly.

    Thank the heavens for the invention of digital connectivity . . . hot studs so engrossed in their latest texts or pics or whatever that they just sit on display and you can practically walk right up for a closer peak at their package or biceps or buns. I find it kinda cute. I've never been an ogler, but I enjoy being able to drink in the sight of a hunk on occasion without having to memorize from brief glimpses and glances. Thanks to the new toys, one can.

    It's a male phenomenon as well. Culturally, or socially (perhaps out of safety as well), women rarely get as engrossed as men - especially young bucks - do with their devices.

  4. Anonymous15:30

    I'm a long time reader of this blog and it was kinda surreal to pull it up today and see a picture of my husband on it!!! I knew the picture was posted on Tap That Guy, my gay best friend told me he was doing it, but weird seeing it on another blogs. He's quite flattered. Fortunately the face matches the shoulders and ass. Unfortunately guys he's straight, but a long time supporter of the GSD (Gay Switchboard Dublin).

  5. As you wrote in the post about '80s porn and the demise of the working man's physique, you can say the same about these young men. All are gym bodies, not the kind you get from manual labor!

  6. WranglerMan, I agree, but I wouldn't kick any of them out of my bed, either. Number three could be a "real man" -- it's hard to tell from the picture. Those shoulders are massive -- could be from wielding a shovel, not free weights.

  7. Very interesting.


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