25 August 2010

A Roll in the Hay

As an iconic symbol of masculine ruggedness, cowboys are a staple of gay porn. In reality, men spent a great deal of time without women on the American frontier in the nineteenth century.

Hence, as often happens when men are alone without female company, they turned to each other. I read a book some years ago -- unfortunately, I've forgotten the title and author -- chronicling how male-male love in the wild west was not uncommon, often out of necessity but sometimes out of preference, too.


  1. Men are men. Have to put it somewhere and sometimes the heart is involved.

    YEE-HAW y'all!

  2. Anonymous08:17

    My compliments--Hot as always.
    No matter how hot the porn, I am often distracted by inconsistencies. I like how at 3:18, the one dude seemingly speaks full words while having a big cock in his mouth. I also like how at 3:21, the dude getting sucked magically has a hat appear on his head. I'm not trying to ruin it--trust me, I loved it.

  3. I have to agree with Paxtwo. Love this video of cowboys.

  4. Anonymous02:26

    No matter how loud the music is (why is there any? There's no story here.) it can't distract from so called "hot and horny" men with limp dicks. This is another example of somebody masquerading as a Director trying to make a porno movie without making it too porno....an she succeeded.


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