09 August 2010

Our New Tenant

Our excellent (and hot) tenant in the backhouse moved because he graduated. The new tenant is serious, quiet, very cute, and rather resembles the lad below (although that's not him). He was on the swim team as an undergraduate and seemed quite excited about the free pool privileges we offer. Unfortunately, skinny dipping is not an option because neighbors can easily see the pool.

He didn't bat an eye about the fact that two rather tactile men live together in the main house. I'm going to miss our old tenant, but I have a feeling we found a very worthy replacement.


  1. this guy is straight from my dreams

  2. Anonymous12:23

    i'm devasted that u didn't advertise the vacancy here! i would have been the first in line to apply for the opening. uh, where did u say u live? lol. doesn't matter...i would have moved. hehehe.

  3. Rugby, he came via a referral from the previous tenant.

  4. Anonymous11:53

    the dude in the pic, has the most masculine legs I have ever seen... Oh man what a hottie.....

  5. Anonymous10:31

    too amusing, the lad in the pic is wearing a UCLA t-shirt with the word raw underneath.

  6. Anonymous07:14

    Well let me tell you, I would love to see this dude in the RAW.... especially his butt, would like to know if it's hairy or smooth, love his hairy legs.......

  7. u lucky fuckin bastard! haha enjoy - try to crack him ;)


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